Katharos & Amaritian

Original closed species by NeonSR


In a galaxy far away, there once were two different, yet similar, species that coexisted together for eons. Parallel species of elemental magic, the ying-yang of nature, the balance of good and evil; the Katharos and Amaritian.

These two species bear the energy of the four elements of nature (water, air, fire, earth) and possess abilities to manipulate said elements.
Their stellar destiny is to care for the beauty of the Exoginos galaxy. Its planets, stars and moons. Its fauna and flora. Its mystic energy.

But eventually, the Amaritians evolved! They started growing demonic horns, that got bigger with each generation. The Katharos started to get scared of their new appearance, and chased them away into the shadows.

Fearing for their lives, the Amaritians started rioting, and riots led to never ending wars that lasted for thousands of years. But no one seemed to be on the winning end, no matter how hard they fought and how many died.

The governors of both species decided it would be best to live separately, and so the galaxy was divided in half, to each their own. Since then they have avoided each others' terrains. At least most have...

Katharos Traits

Physical Traits

Katharos have cool-toned skin color, big ears and just one eye in green or blue, though individuals with white skin tend to have a turquoise eye!

Common ColorsUncommon ColorsRare Colors


Since the beginning of times, their galaxy has been separated in four regions. Each region corresponds to a different elemental faction, and only those of the corresponding element live there.

After the separation of the species, the Katharos invented a new hierarchy based on their skin color.

RoyaltyUpper ClassLower ClassPeasants
Light or pastel blue skinDark blue or white skinTeal or light green skinDark green skin
They rule and govern their respective faction.They live a life full of luxury, comfort and glamour.They make goods for their superiors.They work as miners and farmers for their superiors.
They wear white robes and pearls and always go barefoot.They wear white robes and pearls and sometimes go barefoot.They've created their own fashion and do wear shoes.They've adapted Amaritian fashion.

Magic Evolution

The Katharos have stayed loyal to mother nature all those centuries. Only elemental magic; nothing else.
Each faction is allowed to use only their corresponding class of magic; otherwise, they face a 10 year long prison sentence.

The Rebels

The group named as “The Rebels” are those peasant (and some low class) Katharos who turned their backs on their own people.
Their reason to rebel? The extremist racist mentality of their own species. Not only upon them as peasants, but upon the Amaritians as well.

Most of them reside in forgotten and unnamed satellites at the very end of the Katharos territory, near the frontier that separates both species; while a few of the brave ones have moved into the forbidden lands.
Being so close to the Amaritians, they have adapted some of their cultural aspects, like fashion and non-elemental magic.

Amaritian Traits

Physical Traits

Amaritians have warm-toned skin color, two eyes and elf-shaped ears.
With evolution, they grew horns and their pupils turned pitch black!

Common ColorsUncommon ColorsRare Colors


Unlike with the Katharos, there is absolutely no discrimination here. Everyone is an equal and is treated fairly. Generally, big horns and rare skin colors are considered more attractive.

Fashion has become a big industry on this side of the galaxy. Everyone is rocking trendy outfits, constantly on the lookout for what’s in or out.
There are two fashion trends that have withstanded through centuries, and those are light hair and contact lenses.

But setting the good things aside, the Amaritians have a very serious issue with crime. Chaos runs in the streets, but don’t be afraid; very few get hurt. Weapons are illegal, so most of the crimes are just theft or vandalism.

Magic Evolution

The Amaritians discovered two new magic types after being marginalized: psychic and dark magic. Both relate to the spiritual world and are only accessible when a user has opened their subconscious; though dark magic is more difficult to access, as it requires a fully open consciouness.


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Magic in Exoginos

Elements and Factions

Air Magic
Air mages are hard workers and tend to put work over their own being. They’re the wiser of the factions, very patient and sometimes act cold.They possess the ability to create or alter the weather.Their aura radiates respect, stability and intelligence.
Water Magic
Water mages have amazing communication skills. They are the more peaceful and relaxed of all.They possess the ability to create or alter water in any state.Their aura radiates love, softness and serenity.
Earth Magic
Earth mages are always realistic and have the natural instinct of healers. Their role is to care for the well-being of others.They possess the ability to create or alter the earth and plants.Their aura radiates love, trust and protection.
Fire Magic
Fire mages are full of life and confidence. They are the weaker of the factions but don’t let themselves be thrown off the throne!They possess the ability to create or alter any kind of fire.Their aura radiates passion, courage and vitality.
Psychic Magic
Psychic mages have their "third eye" always open, being fully aware of their surroundings and having an immense intuition.They possess the ability of looking into any mind, the past and the future. They can also sense spirits and the energy of places and objects.Their aura radiates mystery, protection and awareness.
Dark Magic
Dark mages have a spiritual connection with the galaxy and the occult. They tend to look a bit sinister and prefer to be lonely.Much like psychics, they are able to sense spirits, and can additionally communicate with them! They possess the "key" to the spiritual world.Their aura radiates darkness and mystery, sometimes danger.

Magic Crystals

Magic crystals contain special magic energy, and are used to restore or enhance an individual’s energy level.

One can only use a specific crystal depending on their magic specialty. Each individual develops different kinds of magic, which all differ in power levels and properties, and so can’t be fully restored with the same crystals.

Elemental CrystalsAltered CrystalsCorrupted Crystals
Crystals of the four elements formed in 100% natural lands.Natural crystals altered with magic potions or special chemicals.Crystals formed in the contaminated soil of planets with chemical factories.
Infinite source.Indefinite source.Limited source.
Extracted from mines by Katharos peasants.Crafted and sold by witches and magic scientists.Extracted by a special organization and sold at the black market.
Used by everyone.Used mostly by Amaritians.Used only by dark magic users.